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Thruxton Press Release Sunday 8th May 2016

It is with great disappointment that Silverline Subaru BMR Racing are withdrawing from rounds 7, 8 and 9 today at Thruxton on safety grounds.

Following an incident with James Cole at Donington where there was a failure of the high pressure fuel rail there was a re-designed and re-manufactured component fitted to all cars for the Thruxton event. Following a review of the new design post qualifying the new part has shown signs of fatigue that left unchecked could lead to failure.

We have investigated all avenues available to us overnight and this morning however the engineering team have taken the decision to withdraw the cars as none of the solutions available are able to be durability tested prior to competing on circuit.

We are obviously disappointed with the outcome however in this situation the risk to the drivers, other competitors and circuit officials is not acceptable so the correct decision is to retire the cars for the remainder of the event.