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Silverline Subaru BMR Racing re-issue statement to avoid confusion.

Silverline Subaru BMR Racing is pleased to provide this clarification in relation to recent statements published on behalf of TOCA.
It has always been and is our intention to ensure that the BTCC Regulations as a whole are fully respected by everybody, as we do, for the benefit of all participants.
Silverline Subaru BMR Racing made a transparent application for a Homologation Extension to change the design of its inlet manifold based on a reliability issue and performance benefit.
The BTCC Technical Working Group including the TOCA officials agreed the Homologation Extension as permitted by the Championship Regulations for the Oulton Park round onwards albeit subject to an initially conservative base boost setting. Other teams and manufacturers have also made similar proper Homologation Extension applications also in accordance with the Regulations.
Silverline Subaru BMR Racing understand and support our drivers’ frustration on power levels and boost adjustments that did, in some circumstances, not seem logical given the objective of equalising engine outputs across the championship. This concern was also expressed by senior personnel and high profile drivers from some other teams throughout the season.
Since these comments were made the calculus used in determining the resultant boost pressure and any adjustments has been presented to us and all other engine manufacturers.  It is clear to us that the methodology used is based on raw data taken from each and every vehicle in the championship. The maths and processes are in fact a remarkably accurate judgement of the power output of each engine at the test conditions. However, we believe these test conditions do not translate to actual ‘on track’ straight line speed performance and recommend revisions moving forward if we are to achieve the common goal of ‘on track’ speed equalisation. We are looking forward to working with TOCA, the engine builders and all other teams to achieve this common goal.
Silverline Subaru BMR Racing support TOCA and the foundation of the processes in place.  We are also, along with many others, assisting where possible to ensure we have a transparent formula in place that results in a robust and accurate method to achieve the parity on circuit which will result in what all the drivers then experience in car.
Silverline Subaru BMR Racing are looking forward to the successful climax of the 2016 BTCC season and hope that all involved are as well.